Peer-to-Peer Liquidity with FX HedgePool and Charles River OEMS

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May 11, 2023

Charles River® has partnered with FX HedgePool, a peer-to-peer matching platform for institutional FX swap liquidity.

Historically, the FX markets have been beset by inefficiencies that affect performance and increase costs; FX HedgePool’s innovative approach to addressing these challenges aims to provide consistent pricing and operational efficiency to help improve investor outcomes. This collaboration marks the latest addition to Charles River’s partner ecosystem, which streamlines access to third-party services to support investment workflows across multiple products.

Charles River provides a comprehensive Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) with seamlessly integrated data, FIX connectivity, and trade analytics. Trade decision support capabilities help traders find liquidity, execute trades across asset classes and currencies, and ensure trades are compliant. The integration of FX HedgePool within Charles River’s OEMS offers managers and traders streamlined access to FX swap liquidity. Clients benefit from FX HedgePool's modernized process of sourcing peer-to-peer liquidity by unbundling liquidity from credit. By facilitating the direct sourcing of liquidity among peers, the integration helps Charles River clients lower trading costs, reduce operational demands, and eliminate market impact.

As traders seek to reduce operational overhead and risk while handling ever-growing volumes, the demand for workflow automation and operational efficiency is increasing. Michael Buchsbaum, Head of Integration at FX HedgePool, points to these trends as a cornerstone of what the Charles River-FX HedgePool collaboration will offer. "Partnering with Charles River helps us bring the novel benefits of FX HedgePool to traders in a familiar workflow environment. Traders can now access consistent and reliable peer-to-peer liquidity while benefiting from rich STP processing, freeing time to focus on higher-value goals."

"FX HedgePool’s integration with Charles River will provide our OEMS clients access to unique peer-to-peer FX liquidity and help improve execution quality," said Priyank Bhushan, Product Manager of FX Trading, Charles River Development. "Collaboration with FX HedgePool helps foster innovation in the FX markets and is a significant addition to our ever growing partner ecosystem."

About FX HedgePool

FX HedgePool is a multi-award winning matching platform for the mid-market execution of FX swaps that is transforming the market through its breakthrough unbundling of liquidity from credit. This is unlocking vast potential for passive hedgers to provide liquidity to each other, while leveraging existing counterparty relationships for credit provision. Passive hedgers can now access a new source of safe and dependable liquidity, eliminating unnecessary friction for both the buy-side and the sell-side. Founded in 2019, FX HedgePool is on a mission to modernize institutional FX through bold innovation and leading-edge technology for the betterment of all.