FX Global Code Statement of Commitment

Dear FX HedgePool community,

With technology and innovation, we have built our business at FX HedgePool to increase fairness, transparency, and efficiency in the market. Because of this, our business is highly aligned with principles enumerated in the FX Global Code, to which we are a proud adherent and signatory.

Before signing the Statement of Commitment, FX HedgePool engaged in an extensive “Gap Analysis” of our business practices. This analysis included a principle-by-principle review against our risk management, operating procedures, information security controls, written agreements, disclosures, policies, governance structures, and independent reviews, including SOC 2 certification and independent Penetration Testing.

The result of this analysis assured our management team and Board of Directors that FX HedgePool can proudly and sincerely sign the FX Global Code Statement of Commitment.

Should you have questions about our approach to the FX Global Code, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or reach out to us at info@fxhedgepool.com.



Townsend Smith

Chief Financial Officer