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audacious mission

Our award-winning technology is affecting positive change in the world of finance. It’s shaped by our relentless focus on client needs and crafted by a talented team of designers, software engineers and finance specialists.



Premium health & dental plan
Generous paid time off
Work from anywhere
Learning & career development
Supportive & caring team
Bond through team outings
Employee recognition program
Extended parental leave
Flexible work hours


I prefer a personalized experience - is there a human involved?


Absolutely. The hiring process is managed in-house and you'll be interacting with various members of the FX HedgePool team including the founders.

I just applied, what can I expect?


We review applications daily and you can expect an acknowledgment within a day.

More substantive feedback will follow after a thorough review of your application details.

If I'm turned down, will you provide me with feedback so that I can improve?


Absolutely. We value the time you spend applying for a position and will provide comprehensive feedback even if there isn't a perfect fit.

Will I be expected to work from the office?


Only if you want to.

If you do work from the office, you'll be treated to stunning views, snacks, and drinks to keep you refreshed.

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