Meet the

Jay Moore

Jay Moore is the founder and CEO of FX HedgePool.

Before taking on his own endeavor, Jay spent 20 years building products in FX risk management for two of the world’s premier custody banks - BBH (growing hedged assets from $25 billion to $75 billion) and State Street ($4 billion to $80 billion), with both programs continuing to be the fastest growing products at each bank.

A frequent speaker at industry events, Jay has pioneered the way banks offer passive hedging solutions - raising the bar with innovative reporting, agency execution, insightful forward TCA, and performance attribution capabilities that have become the market standard.

In this chapter of his career, Jay strives to answer the question that institutional investors have been asking for years: why can't the buy side trade direct? It turns out, they can.

Emin Tatosian

Emin Tatosian is the CTO and co-founder of FX HedgePool.

Emin is an award-winning technologist who brings to market cutting-edge digital financial products using a multi-disciplinary approach to design and development.

He co-founded FastFin in 2014 - a boutique financial markets consultancy - to help marquee clients across the globe increase productivity, reduce cost, and meet regulatory obligations through design and technology.

In 2019 he co-founded FX HedgePool - the first matching engine for the mid-market execution of FX swaps - setting out to transform the FX market by separating liquidity from credit - thereby allowing passive hedgers to provide vast amounts of pure liquidity to each other.

Previous leadership roles have spanned global banking institutions including Citadel in New York, UniCredit in London, and BTG Pactual in Sao Paulo.

Emin holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Enterprise Systems Development - with a thesis focused on Artificial Intelligence that earned the prestigious Brunel-GoldTel Prize.

Richard Leader

Richard Leader is the co-founder of FX HedgePool.

Richard has been at the vanguard of innovation for his entire career – merging the needs of complex financial enterprises with the transformative potential of new technology.

In 2014 he co-founded FastFin – enabling firms in the capital markets to harness the power of startup-speed, lean innovation and get tools & products to market fast.

Prior to this, Richard was an Executive Vice President at Caplin Systems – where he focused on revolutionizing banks’ front office sales and trading functions by implementing Amazon-style ecommerce and fulfillment automation to leverage the dynamic capabilities of the web.

He has spent more than a decade leading numerous digital transformation and innovation initiatives at tier 1, 2, & 3 banks and asset managers worldwide.